I’m Cassie, your resident special education expert and board certified behavior analyst. I empower educators with innovative resources and research-based courses so that teachers like you can easily create a thriving special education classroom that runs on autopilot.




“Children become what they are told they are.”

-Dorothy Delay

I am obsessed with all things social emotional learning and the science of behavior. I love taking these complex ideas and putting it into easy to digest content for the busy 21st century teacher.

I have been a certified special education teacher for over 8 years so I know what it takes to make your classroom run like a well oiled machine. I can help you take the strategies and ideas you have and break it down in to easy to manage pieces so that you can leave when the contract hours are done because you are MORE than a teacher.

Some fun things about me: I’m obsessed with coffee, planners, and pens… clich√© I know, but it’s true. I am a wife, twin sister, and fur mom to 4 loveable four legged babies. I am a fierce mental health advocate and share openly about my own journey on my blog and Instagram because I’ve learned a thing or two about balancing work and life.

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