What is Adventures in Behavior?


Challenging behaviors are HARD, but supporting students with them doesn’t have to be.  Check out my blog posts and trainings on creating and implementing positive behavior support plans as well as the different strategies you can choose from to support your students in their social and emotional growth.


The world of special education is FULL of evidence based practices and strategies for helping your students be their very best.  Navigating them can be challenging.  My blog shares different methods of implementing these research based methods in unique and different ways.


The number one area that new teachers feel the most unprepared for when stepping into the classroom for the first time is managing their staff.  I share practical ways to build relationships with your team and colleagues, ideas on how to train them on new concepts, and ways reinforce the amazing things they already do!

Who is Adventures in Behavior?

Cassie is a current special education teacher in her 8th year of teaching. She spent 5 years working with students in a behavior support program and currently teaches middle school Math and Science in the Functional Academics program.  Cassie is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and has experience providing ABA therapy in a private setting.  She has a passion for working with students and using ABA strategies within her classroom. She is passionate about disseminating information to fellow special education teachers, general education teachers, parents, and other related service providers.

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